Our Mission

REBEL stands for quality, relentless innovation, and unique craft.

This isn't a story just about a watch or a lifestyle, this is about the boldness and creative instilled in us. This is about an authentic and creative lifestyle, a brand born out of family, respect and craftsmanship. At times, we all deal with self-doubt, yet the Rebel lives on. Strong, confident and daring, he makes every moment count.

Fusing function with style, the Rebel is a worthy companion for the bold one living on the edge - a reflection of the Rebel man's soul.

Never relenting, we created a limited-edition and exclusive timepiece which speaks to the drive inside all of us. Distinctly eye-catching, we made sure Rebel is deceptively practical (built like a tank) and up to Swiss standards with the benefit of attainability. Triumph goes to the explorer and the trailblazer, though it never looked so clean.

The rebel man knows his purpose. His unrelenting drive and bold self-expression are exactly what makes him so irresistibly alluring - for both urban dwellers as well as for those who heed the call of the wild. Let your new companion bring out what makes you uniquely Rebel.

Shneur LakeinFounder, Rebel Time .co